When can I make a purchase?

The Promotional Period starts 12:01am AEST 3rd May 2021 and finishes 11:59pm AEST 30th June 2021.

When can I make a claim?

The Claim Period starts 12:01am AEST 3rd May 2021 and finishes 11:59pm AEST 30th June 2021.

Who is eligible for this promotion?

Claims are open to all Australian food service businesses, with a direct supply agreement with an Approved Distributor (PFD, Bidfood, Countrywide, NAFDA and approved independent distributors) who have purchased from the Approved Distributor in one (1) transaction of at least $100 (excluding GST) of Eligible Products (“Eligible Business”).

What products are eligible for this promotion?

Code Product Size
3001946 Mainland Cheese Tasty Slices 8X1.5KG1.5kg
3001956 Mainland Cheese Swiss Slices 10X1KG1kg
3001947 Mainland Cheese Light Tasty Slices 8X1.5KG1.5kg
3101053 Mainland Cheese Egmont Slices 8X1.5KG (1.8mm Slice)1.5kg
3002002 Bega Cheese Tasty Slices 8X1.5KG 1.5kg
3001319 Mainland Processed Cheese Easy Peel Slices 8X1.5KG1.5kg
114495 Anchor Processed Cheese Burger Slices 10X1.04KG1.04kg
3001896 Bega Processed Cheese Sandwich Slices 8X1.5KG1.5kg
3110876 Mainland Tasty Thin Slice 8x1.5kg1.5kg

How do I claim the Cash Back offer?

During the Purchase Period, visit and follow the prompts to the online claim form.

Complete and submit the online claim form, providing all details required, including but not limited to:

(a) selection of the desired (1) Reward

(b) information about the Eligible Product and Qualifying Purchase (including information about the product purchased, place of purchase, purchase date, purchase price, etc);

(c) a copy of the purchase receipt from the Qualifying Purchase (“Qualifying Purchase Receipt”) in an accepted file size/format containing the following information:

(i) the Eligible Product purchased;

(ii) the Approved Distributor of purchase;

(iiii) the purchase date; and

(iv) the receipt number

(d) any requested personal information (including but not limited to, name, phone number, email address, date of birth and delivery address); and

(e) indicate acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

What proof of purchase do I need to provide?

Claimants must retain the original receipt/proof of purchase relating to the Qualifying Purchase. The proof of purchase must clearly state the store name, location, date and product(s) purchased.

What happens after I submit my claim?

Within 3 days of the submission of a claim, the Eligible Business will receive notification via email

or text message confirming:

(a) that the claim has been successful, and that a Reward will be issued; or

(b) that the claim has not been successful as the pool of Rewards has been exhausted; or

(c) that the claim has not been successful as it could not be validated or information was provided incorrectly, in which case the Promoter will provide the reason for the defect and the opportunity to correct the claim within 7 days. However, the Promoter makes no warranty or representation that even if a corrected claim is subsequently made, that the Reward pool will not be exhausted.

If a claim is successful, the Reward will be issued as follows:

(a) Fonterra Digital Gift Cards will be sent to the Eligible Business’s email address and mobile phone number nominated on the online claim form. Eligible Businesses must then follow the prompts to activate the Fonterra Digital Gift Card by the specified dates. The Fonterra Digital Gift Card is subject to the terms and conditions at

(b) Prepaid Eftpos gift cards will be sent to the Eligible Business’s delivery address nominated on the online claim form. Cards will be sent via standard post within fourteen (14) business days of confirmation of the claim being approved. Eligible Businesses must then follow the instructions accompanying the Prepaid Eftpos gift card in order to activate and use the card by the specified dates. The Prepaid Eftpos gift card is subject to the terms and conditions at

Authorised Under NSW Authority No. NTP/01444 and ACT Permit No. TP 21/00400.

How much Cash Back will I receive?

A $20 Fonterra Digital Gift Card or Prepaid Eftpos gift card. Eligible Businesses may select one (1) reward (“Reward”) when they make a valid claim.

How and when will I receive my Cash Back?

If a claim has been deemed valid, an Eftpos card will be sent by mail to the residential address specified on the claim form within 21 business days of approval, or no later than 31/12/2021.

How many times can I make a claim?

Eftpos cards will be rewarded for a maximum of 4 products per household. Maximum 1 claim per Qualifying Purchase, no receipt sharing allowed.

Where can I find the Participating Retailers?

A list of participating retailers can be found at

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

QLD - Renee Sybrandy | | 0427 623 127

NSW - Casey Liplyn | | 0400 460 915

NSW - Peter Lattouf | | 0429 618 609

WA - Kylie Wickham | | 0429 618 609

VIC - Kristal Mokrusch | | 0438 865 018

SA/NT - Angela Bullock | | 0427 153 785